Let's Get Started!

New Teacher Musts for Smooth Sailing!

Take a look at this list of technology resources that are available for you as a TISD teacher. Your campus technology liaison will go over these with you.

Step One: Google Profiles

Temple ISD is a Google district. Your work account and email are actually Google accounts as well! You will be using the Google Workspace for:

  • Docs

  • Sheets

  • Forms

  • Drive

  • Slides

  • and more!

Every user has their own Google account and profile. You must set up your profile to access these tools.

How Do You Want to Learn?

Watch the video How-To Here.

Walk through the Google Slide Deck

Read or Print the words (with pictures!)

Google Chrome Basics: Signing Into Chrome, Chrome Terms (activity 1)
Staff Access to TISD Chrome Account from Home

Step Two: Microsoft 365 Profiles

Temple ISD is also a Microsoft 365 district. You have desktop and web access to the entire suite. You will be using Outlook for your email and calendar, but you also can use Microsoft 365 for:

  • Word

  • PowerPoint

  • Excel

  • OneDrive (web cloud storage)

  • Teams (video and chat messaging)

  • and more!

Every user has their own Microsoft 365 account and profile. Like Google, you must set up your profile to access these tools.

Cool Tip: You don't need to purchase Microsoft 365 for home! Just use the web version we provide you!

How Do You Want to Learn?

Watch the video How-To Here.

Read or Print the words (with pictures!)

Microsoft 365 Profiles.mp4
Microsoft Office 365 Profiles

Your Digital Learning and Technology Resources

Temple ISD has 2 different departments to support your needs.

Department of Digital Learning is part of Curriculum and Instruction led by the Director of Digital Learning.

Technology Department and Technical Services is led by the Chief Technology Officer.

Department of Digital Learning

Best Teaching and Learning Practices

Blended Learning Applications

Support Schoology

Support Google Classroom

Digital Learning Tools Support

Teacher Training on Digital Tools

Classroom Support for Digital Apps

Remote Learning Support

Digital Tools Recommendations

Clever Management

Eduphoria Management

Training on Productivity Tools (Office, LMS, Skyward, Kickup, Net-Ref, etc.)

Technology Department

Teacher Profiles and Access

Student Profiles and Access

Computer Hardware Issues

Software Issues

Website Connectivity Issues

Phone Issues (voicemail, greetings)

Copier Issues

Projectors and Presentation Issues

Online Resources

  • www.tisd.org, Staff, Online Resources

  • TechTeach (you must be logged into your TISD account)

Some Recommended Bookmarks for Chrome include:

  • Office 365 (portal.office.com) for web access to Word, Outlook, and your OneDrive

  • HelpDesk (help.tisd.org) for technology and digital learning support tickets

  • Frontline Education (click here) to manage and enter teacher absences

  • Eduphoria (click here) to access Aware (student assessment data and online assessments) and Forethought (lesson plans)

  • Skyward (click here) to access student grades and Family Access.

  • Skyward Finance (click here) to access your personnel files (paychecks, tax information, profile)

  • Schoology (click here) to access the Learning Management System (LMS) for Middle and High Schools

  • Google Classroom (click here) to access the Learning Management System (LMS) for Elementary Schools

  • Kickup (click here) to access your Evaluations and PD (portfolio and register for workshops)

  • NetRef (click here) to filter and manage student website access


There are both black and white and color copiers on each campus. You will use your copier PIN (that you got in your introductory email from the Help Desk) to make copies.

CLICK HERE for a quick access guide to using the copiers.

Presentation Stations

  • Lumens Document Camera (elementary and middle school) - (handout) (video)

  • Presentation Station (high school) - (handout)

Frontline (Aesop)

Use Aesop to request a substitute when you are going to be absent. (handout)


Each classroom has an IP phone. Dial a"3" before the number to make an outside call.

CLICK HERE if you have a Series 7800 Phone

CLICK HERE if you have a Series 7900 Phone

CLICK HERE to change Voicemail and Greetings


Use Eduphoria to view standardized test scores and conduct onlie assessments (Aware) and to create your lesson plans (Forethought - Select campuses only).

CLICK HERE for a quick guide to set your profile.

Skyward Student Management

Temple ISD uses Skyward Student Management for student records, grading, attendance, health records, and a parent portal. Teachers use Educator Access + for their gradebooks and attendance. Class lists in attendance and the gradebook are not available until the first day of school.

  • Getting Started (handout)

  • Taking Attendance (handout)

  • Gradebook Video Playlist (coming soon)

Skyward - HR/Finance

You can log into Skyward HR/Finance to see your paycheck information and W2 forms. (handout)

TEKS Resource System

Teacher use the TEKS Resource System for curriculum, standards alignment, and lesson planning. (handout)

Discovery Education

You can use the district's subscription to Discovery Education to access TEKS aligned videos, resources, and lesson plans. You can access Discovery Education through the Clever Portal.

Kickup Profile

Kickup is the platform ISD uses for Human Resources (appraisals, walkthroughs, evaluations) and Professional Development (workshops, portfolios).

Click Here to a quick access to setup your Kickup Profile

YouTube Access

If you students can't access a video, you will need to grant approval. You must be logged into your gcloud account to approve videos. (handout)

Temple ISD has YouTube Channels that you might find useful: