Ansynchronous Support - Help that is at your own time or not direct.




Synchronous Support - Help that is immediate.


  • DLC Office Hours (M-Th 8:00 - 12:00 or by agreement for evening hours through shift work)

  • Campus Technology Liaisons

  • Google Meet or Microsoft Teams

  • Remote Access to Devices

  • HelpDesk (x.6883)


  • Office hours with Teachers (vary)


  • Help Line (254) 215-6177

Studio Space - Make instructional videos

Want to take your recordings to the next level? Digital Learning has three studios ready for you at Freeman Heights. Contact your Digital Learning Coach to discover more and make an appointment.

Green Screen

Use the green screen with one or more people to create videos with your own backgrounds. Add graphic overlays, titles, or add music and sound. Our professional cameras and lighting will keep you looking your best.

Black Studio with Lightboard

A small space with a lightboard to help you annotate and teach on a glass screen.

Document Cameras

Connect our document cameras to your device to demonstrate a skill or read aloud. Great when combined with ScreenCastify, FlipGrid, Wakelet or your favorite digital tool.

Quick-ITS -

Digital Learning creates an ever-growing list of short videos to help you with your common (and uncommon) tasks. Search here for the latest support in Productivity, Instructional Support, and reviews of our favorite Ed Tech websites.

CLICK HERE to launch the Quick-ITS website.

Library Media Specialists

Your campus librarians are a wealth of resources to help you with:

  • Remote Accessing of Destiny

  • eBooks and Checkout Procedures

  • Online Writing, Reference, and Research Resources

  • Copyrights and Fair Use for Remote Learning

  • Safe Checkout and Return of Library Materials during illnesses.

CLICK HERE to launch the Library Media Services website.

Student Access to Chrome Account from Home

Student Access to Chrome Account from Home